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Meet Archangel Raphael

I am the Archangel who brings about the beginnings of change in your life. When you get that first nudging to make a change it is I who is tapping you on the shoulder. I work with Archangel Michael to support you through life changes.

As many of you already know I am the Archangel of healing. I, as well as other Archangels, are there at every doctor appointment, physical therapy appointment, healing session, etc. – partnering with you and guiding the energies for your supreme health. All you need to do is ask, surrender, have faith, and allow the healing to occur. Accept, visualize, and remove old thought patterns and beliefs that could impact your ability to heal and you will increase these sessions a thousand-fold. It is your intention that gives us the permission to do greater work for you. The outcomes of appointments with doctors and the like will be to your Highest Good and to your increased health. The outcomes of healing sessions will be that you will experience greater healing and you will unlock higher frequencies of energy codes in your body so that you can hold and work with greater Light energies.

I am the Archangel who works with doctors when it comes to the areas of health, nutrition, diagnosis, treatment, all areas of surgery, managing physical pain and discomfort. I work the doctors as they make decisions and provide you with information concerning all areas of health and well-being of your physical form. Just ask me to be present and aid the doctors in providing you with the best information and treatment possible- that is how you invoke this process.

I am the Archangel who works with the transition of the corporal form. I am there in the last minutes and can aid you in making a pain-free transition.

I am the Archangel who works with all areas of pregnancy. Pregnancy and labor should be enjoyable processes and I can aid in reducing the discomfort and physical pain. I can provide you guidance in selecting the appropriate foods for the body to avoid discomfort and provide the appropriate nutrients.

When working on areas of nutrition, do also call upon Archangel Lilly and Archangel Marta- we work as a team to aid you in these decisions.

Archangel Raphael is the healer of healers and will guide healing sessions to the right and perfect outcome. His Color Ray is Emerald Green. Crystals associated with Archangel Raphael are those that are green in color such as: Emeralds, Adventuring, Malachite, Green Fluorite, and Serpentine.


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