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"The Archangels are beings. In the hierarchy of Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels; the Archangels are one of the highest of these light beings."

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Archangel Readings

Would you like to get more insight about a specific topic or part of your life?

An Archangel Reading could help provide this perspective. 


An Archangel Reading will begin with an opening prayer/invocation to create a sacred space. Through intuition, connection with the Archangels, and the use of Oracle Cards, Jeannette will help you identify where your energy is presently focused and share any guidance the Archangels may have for you. 

An Archangel Reading is not predictive but rather guidance and coaching to support you along your Spiritual Journey and be in alignment with your Highest Good.

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"So happy to know the Angels not only hear us but deliver with a sense of humor!"

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