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The Archangel Raphael Message

Message from Archangel Raphael

I come to you today my friends with words of encouragement. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the Archangels. I take this time, to convey this information to you to bring to you a feeling of hope; to bring to you feeling of being taken care of. I would like to instill in you a sense that you are not alone, that there it is a greater good, that there is a bigger plan. You light workers are part of this greater larger plan. The Archangels are here to assist you on your path and assist you in your part of God’s/Source's/Creator's plan.

Source created the Archangels with the sole purpose to aid you. Now, when the Source created the earth and you as human beings, you were given free will. Free will was instilled in you, and given to you as a gift. Unfortunately through, those of the dark have manipulated free will and it is presently seen as something that it is not. It is seen as something that gets in your way or gives you the right to do wrong. Since Source created free will it is of the Light. It is good. In the instant that free will was created, Source saw all the potential of good in it and also saw the potential that it could be used incorrectly. It has sprung into your tribal consciousness and your peer pressure, rather than it being your ability to decide what you want to do in your life- it has taken on a life of its own. In the event that this were to take place, Source saw that you needed assistance, so Source created the Archangels. The Archangels are tasked with many things; but one of our first priorities is assisting you, the humans of planet Earth. Source saw this as a way of bring balance and assistance into your life.

Over the centuries though, the Angels and the Archangels have been put on a pedestal by many religions. They taught that the Angels and Archangels are untouchable and you as mere human beings would not, and should not have interaction with them. Given that this is what you were taught you didn’t realize that you had a choice, the choice to bring Angelic assistance into your lives. So today I am spreading the word, and I ask you to as well, spread the word that the Angels and Archangels are here to help you. They are not untouchable, they are your friends. Just as you speak to your close friends on the telephone, The Archangels ask that you share things with them as well. You don’t have to call upon The Archangels when you are hanging from the cliff about to die. They want to hear how your day went. They want to know when you are happy, to experience the joy with you. They want to be part of the party as well as be there for support. They want to know when you are troubled, because with your permission they can most certainly help.

The Archangels are beings that have never been human before. In the hierarchy of Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels; the Archangels are one of the highest of your groups of light beings. In this is meant that they are one of the groups of the Angels that do work directly with God. Now this statement is just for reference for you. See The Archangels as close friends, as you would your brothers and sisters, rather than omnipotent beings, for that is not how they see themselves.

Source has given each Archangel a team of Angels with which to do work. Therefore, when you call on them you are also calling upon a team of Angelic beings to help you. So how do you ask for help? There are many myths going around. Some feel that you need to pray, some feel that you need to choose the correct words, some feel that you need to perform a ritual; or you will not receive assistance. Well, my friends it is as simple as this, “Ask and you shall receive.”… “It is given onto you per your beliefs.” So if you feel that The Archangels are untouchable, that you are not worthy, and that you will not receive help; then you have put those restrictions on The Archangels due to free will, and then they are very limited in how they can help you. Firstly, ask. Ask The Archangels to help you with anything from the laundry to lawyers. It doesn’t have to be something huge for you to ask. When you are in the grocery store and don’t know what to make for dinner- ask and you will be guided to a fantastic meal that was just what your body was needing.

It's important that you do not put restrictions on The Archangels when you are asking for guidance. For example, if your car has broken down and you need it fixed to get to work. Do not ask, “My car has broken down so I need you to bring me money to fix it, bring me a good mechanic who will fix my car in 2 days so that I can get to work by Monday.” That is a bit too restrictive especially since you have given a time period and a short one at that. The Archangels are not saddled by time so they will work for your Highest good in what is call Divine Timing. Things will work out for you in exactly the time they were meant to for your Highest good. They ask that you be patient and trust that they haven’t forgotten about you, for they are incapable of forgetting. What they would ask is that you talk to them, tell them your situation, get all the emotion and fear out. Then breathe and state your intention, not your endpoint. Something along the lines of, “Please provide me transportation to work as my car is not working, this or something better, to my Highest good and the good of all.” Then have the ability to bring to you several options and resolutions to this situation. Money may not be what you needed. Maybe your uncle gives you a car. Maybe you are to take public transportation for it is better for the earth, and it takes stress out of your life for you can now have the time you’ve wanted to catch up on reading. See the blessing in the outcome they provide to you since it is to your Highest good and the good of all.

Remember that The Archangels are working on it. In the instant that you ask, they are working for you. Don’t give a deadline; for once you get to that deadline you will begin to ponder your situation. You must truly trust and let go, surrender! For once you start to put energy back into the situation, you take it away from them, and limit their ability to help you. For in that instant you choose to be in charge of the situation, therefore, they cannot assist you in an unrestricted manner. Surrender it completely. Meditation for a quick 15 minutes allows you to clear your mind in doing so you can again surrender.

Do not feel that you are taking The Archangels way from other tasks or from others who need their help. The Archangels are multi-dimensional beings of the Light that can help every single person on the planet at the same exact time. So do not feel that it needs to be a large event in your life for you to ask for assistance. Also, do not feel that you can only talk to them when you need assistance. As I have mentioned earlier, they enjoy when you share experiences with them. They have a sense of humor and enjoy when you are enjoying life. Invite them to your parties… tell them a joke. When you see something humorous, share it with them and thank Source for the humor in life. They are there for you to talk to. If you don’t know what outfit to wear to an outing, they can provide you guidance. Befriend them. Providing guidance is one of their favorite pastimes. They will provide you guidance on anything, large or small in your eyes. In their eyes there is no large and small, there is only what you choose to share with them. So do befriend them for they are here to share in your experiences and to guide you and help you in any way they can.


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