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I want to personally thank you for coming to the Angelic Waves of Light website. This website was created to share information about the Archangels and other Spiritual topics to help support you along your Spiritual Journey. Blessings!

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In Our Readings...

"I provide information from The Archangels through Angel Readings, releasing emotions via

The Emotion Code Technique, healing the Heart Wall...

all ways to assist you in living the life you were meant to live!"

- Jeannette, Angelic Waves of Light

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Types of Readings



Would you like to know more about an area of your life? An Archangel Reading could help provide guidance and perspective.

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Is something holding you back from success, love, abundance… could be trapped emotions?!

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Heart Wall

Is something blocking you from experiencing meaningful relationships… 93% of the population has a heart wall...learn more



Guided meditations for the Core Chakra System, Transference Chakra System, Power Centers of the Physical Body, and Connect to the Archangels...learn more

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