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My Spiritual Journey with the Angelic Realm

I share my story with you today as it is a great way to show that the Archangels are here to help you with anything no matter how big or small…

Ever since I can remember I communicated with the Angels. As a small child I could see the Angels in their full winged glory or even as small bright lights. I always felt their presence especially when I needed support or to not feel alone. Ever since I was a small child, I would hear a voice that was so beautiful and did not sound like my voice. It guided me exceptionally well. At the time I did not realize it was my Archangel guardians speaking to me.

In grade school and in Sunday School I learned of the human consciousness and that we are guided to make a choice to do either right or wrong. They called it your inner voice, an inner knowing, but still just labeled it “your consciousness”. In Sunday School we also were taught about the Angels. Then there was a time where they stopped teaching about Angels. Putting all this together I decided I just had an exceptional conscious as it was always right and guided me in ways I could not have thought of on my own; but still just a consciousness- a part of only me.

As time went on, I learned to trust this guidance and even ask for it and speak to it since it never did me wrong. I called it my “little voice”. I never felt alone or truly afraid since I always had my “little voice”. When I would speak to others about their inner voice, they did not have the same trust or experience as I had. I just thought that somehow, I was blessed with a better conscious then they had. I never thought anything different about it. I also stopped seeing the Angels at this time. Although I was aware of the Angels from Sunday School did not realize what I had been seeing were the Angels and Archangels. Somehow, I felt I was still connected to them still, but I just did not see them anymore.

Time had passed and in High School and College (California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo) still, I did not see the Angels. I had even forgotten what they looked like. There were many times when I needed guidance and faith and asked for help from the Divine, the Universe, and the Angels. Every time the guidance came from my “little voice” and assistance manifested itself in amazing ways. I still did not put it all together chalking it up to faith and luck. I was grateful, but still did not realize what was happening and who was helping me.

In the summer of my senior year in college, 1997, I was out jogging in a residential area and was crossing the street in a cross walk. A car that was waiting to turn left proceeded into the intersection and hit me. I flew up on the hood of the car and then bounced into oncoming traffic. This was a horrific experience for me as I was very injured and could not get out of the road. I waited there for help or for someone to hit me again. I cried out for help but had no idea of anyone could hear me. I was fortunate in that the driver in the oncoming traffic had enough time to stop and they help me. I feel that they were Divinely placed there and that it was not a coincidence.

Doctors and therapists said that I should not return to school and take a few quarters, if not the entire year off. I was not in a financial place to do this as I was paying for college myself and could not afford to take even a quarter off. I knew that my healing needed to occur and that it would be a miracle for this to happen before school started again in just 2 months. I believed deep down it could happen, but I did not know in what way it would happen. I knew this was truly beyond me. In that moment I turned everything over to the Divine and the Angels and said that I am truly here to listen and to do as they guide me. My healing and path were theirs to guide and my faith was complete in knowing we would partner together. My goal was to be back in school in what seemed like at the time a short 2 months and to able to finish my senior year even with my injuries. I prayed for a miracle, surrendered every time I got scared or worried, and I was guided in so many ways. I heard that I needed to find a chiropractor and I was guided, to a specific page number, and found a fantastic chiropractor. I was guided to inner healing work and outer healing work. I was guided to non-traditional healing practices such as Reiki and Crystals. I was taking more action along my Spiritual Journey. I listened to the guidance and knew it was more than just my thoughts. It was specific instructions on what to do, who to see, and what my next step was. The voice was stronger, louder, and there when I needed it. I knew it was a Divinely guided voice. I trusted the guidance and took actions accordingly. I was able to graduate college without taking any time off. I had my miracle!

Shortly after this I was speaking to a friend of mine and was hearing guidance for her. I kept saying, “my little voice says that you should… My little voice says that you may want to consider…” She recommended that I give the voice a name so I could then speak to others as if it were a person rather than “my little voice”. She knew my voice to be accurate as she followed the messages that I had given her. In that moment, the name that came to me loud and clear was Michael. At that moment I wondered if it was Archangel Michael. Then I thought “How could that be? What would an Archangel, especially one a busy as Michael be doing with little me?” But I continued to trust and call my voice Michael. I spoke to Michael and started receiving messages for others which I shared.

During a massage session in 1999, not too long after this I had been working on finding out who Michael was. In this session I felt a large bright presence come into the room. My massage therapist noticed the same thing. I opened my eyes and in all his amazing brilliance I saw the glorious Archangel Michael. His wings (energy fields) spread, and he took up half the room it seemed. He came over to my feet and laid his hands on them. I felt a surge of energy travel through my feet and up my legs and throughout my body. I was shaking as the energy moved through me, cleansing me, healing me, and blessing me. He continued this healing for several minutes and I also learned that I was being attuned to the sacred Archangel energy. To be able to recognize and understand Angelic energy to people and to bring forth messages from the Angelic Realm. I was eternally grateful and amazed by the experience.

When I first found out that Archangel Michael had been speaking to me my entire life and in all my other lifetimes prior to this one I was not sure what to do. I asked him to help me with simple things. I let him know that this was new to me and that I was only going to try small stuff since I did not know how this all really worked. However, I had been doing it all my life and just did not put it all together yet. I asked Archangel Michael to pick out my clothes for the day. I still laugh about this now! Yes, I asked an Archangel to dress me!? I wanted something small that would have immediate results, so I picked clothes. Yes, the almighty Archangel Michael helped pick out my clothes. He did a great job too! I had clothing combinations that I have never even thought of before and got so many compliments! We quickly moved from clothing and graduated to working together on other things. I also began to see, hear, and work with other Archangels. Each Archangel has a team of Angels who help too. When you are working with an Archangel you are also working with their team, which is amazing!

In 2005 I was guided to start Angelic Waves of Light to share information about the Archangels and other Spiritual topics to help support people along their Spiritual Journey. If you would like to have a session, check out the Archangel Readings and Spiritual Coaching pages. Blessings to you!



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